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Real time tracking

The most common usage of a GPS based fleet management system knowing where your vehicle is right now and it allows the verification of authenticity and accuracy of your data.

Supply Chain

Delivery team can use K9track to directly report to the management with delivery data instantly using images of documents and goods in real time.


The history feature gives you the flexibility to not need to monitor your fleet 24/7 and to go back to see a situation and resolve issues and avoid them in the future.


Many situations occur through the day during operations, but a few need special monitoring those are marked as events. This helps in focusing on critical issues.


Several useful reports can be generated for the use of Fleet managements to use the information generated by tracking for improving operational efficiency.


Use sensors to get additional inputs from your fleet for higher levels of management to handle critical operations.


Mark out important areas on the map, get alerted when fleet reaches or exists these zones and provide back end support for the fleet team.


Mark and set predetermined routes to alert variations to identify abuse/ miuse of vehicles for non productive work.

Points of Interest

Mark important locations based on your areas of operations.